Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

If you or a member of your family has been involved in an automobile accident, you can turn to The Kamell Lawyers Group for assistance. Our Car Accident Lawyers can help you through these difficult times. We are devoted to diligently fighting for our clients’ rights so they can achieve the maximum compensation allowed by law.

Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one find yourself being accused of a crime, one of the first calls you need to make is to an experienced criminal defense attorney. The actions you take within the first days after receiving the charges brought against you are crucial, and without an attorney on your side, you could make a serious mistake. Attorney Rafik Karnell and the team at the Karnell Lawyers Group has experienced personal injury attorneys with proven outstanding records, and they are here to help you create a strong defense as you work to protect yourself from the accusations you face.

Dog Bites

Every year, over 350,000 Americans are seen in emergency rooms due to injuries sustained in a dog bite. A full 850,000 need medical attention for the same reason. The CDC estimates 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites every year. These are serious statistics, and if you are one of those who are bitten, then you understand the trauma that these injuries can cause. Yet sometimes, getting fair compensation for your injures, and holding the dog's owners responsible for the actions of the animal, is not always easy. If you are facing the realities of a dog bite, Rafik Kamell of the Kamell Lawyers Group is here to ensure that you get the compensation you need to recover fully from your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to make sure that you are properly compensated for your losses. The ordinary motorcycle accident victim does not know how to properly settle a case with an insurance company or how to pursue a favorable verdict or court award. It takes an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to properly represent you and pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Personal Injury

Are you dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury? As you go to doctors appointments and therapy or discuss surgery and deal with hospital stays, the bills start to mount. In many cases, you may be due compensation from the responsible parties, giving you the ability to focus your energy on getting well. If you have been injured, Attorney Rafik Kamell and the Kamell Lawyers Group can help you determine whether or not your case qualifies as a personal injury case.

Product Liability

Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers are obligated by law to offer products that do not cause harm to consumers. If you believe that you or a member of your family has been harmed by the use of a defective product, it is important that you contact a qualified Product Liability Lawyer in La Habra, California right away. Not only will this prevent others from sustaining injuries in the same way, but the law places a time frame on when a products liability claim can be brought against the negligent parties. Call a skilled Defective Product Lawyer at (562) 697-1000 for assistance.

Slip and Falls

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable. However, when you slip and fall because of someone else's negligence, you have been involved in an accident that could have been avoided. If this accident caused you injuries and/or pain, you are right to feel that the situation is unfair. Fortunately, you may be able to obtain compensation by filing a claim against the party responsible for your accident.

Wrongful Death

Far too many people die due to the negligence of businesses and careless individuals -- and often, the negligent parties responsible for these deaths are not held accountable. While there is no way to eliminate the pain and suffering caused by gross negligence, it is possible to at least cover some of the financial burden associated with the loss of a loved one. Additionally, wrongful death cases can bring about a valuable sense of closure. If you have lost a loved one due to negligence, be sure to get in touch with Rafik Y. Kamell, who will help you secure the full compensation you deserve.