Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one find yourself being accused of a crime, one of the first calls you need to make is to an experienced criminal defense attorney. The actions you take within the first days after receiving the charges brought against you are crucial, and without an attorney on your side, you could make a serious mistake. Attorney Rafik Karnell and the team at the Karnell Lawyers Group has experienced personal injury attorneys with proven outstanding records, and they are here to help you create a strong defense as you work to protect yourself from the accusations you face.

Criminal Accusations Come with Stiff Penalties

If you are facing criminal accusations, you need to know what is at risk. Should the charges stick, you face everything from hefty fines to jail time. Not only that, but the charges will become part of your permanent record, which stays with you for years, impacting everything from your ability to get an apartment to your ability to get a job. These are stiff penalties that have the chance to change your life forever, so criminal charges are something to take very seriously.

When you partner with a skilled lawyer, you can work to fight these charges and the resulting consequences. Your lawyer will dig into the evidence, look for problems with the prosecution’s With your liberty and money on the line, you need to ensure you choose the right attorney to work through these charges and the court case ahead. The Karnell Lawyers Group is here to help you by providing aggressive representation as you fight to prove your innocence.

Choose the Right California Criminal Defense Attorneys for a Solid Defense

At the Karnell Lawyers Group, Attorney Rafik Karnell and his team have helped individuals in many different types of prosecution. Whether you are facing a simple misdemeanor or are fighting serious criminal charges, the firm has likely helped someone in a very similar situation, and has the knowledge and litigation skill to fight aggressively for you. With Attorney Rafik Karnell or one of the other team members from The Karnell Lawyers Group on your side, you do not have to fear an aggressive prosecution. Contact their La Habra, California office today to discuss your case with a skilled criminal defense attorney.